For Londoners who want to exercise outdoors (close to the City, in Victoria Park or Clapham Common), to have more energy, improve their fitness, posture and flexibility and not get bored or injured on the way.

Train outdoors in a more rewarding, stimulating and sustainable setting than a gym or bootcamp.

We’ll teach you to recover the natural athletic human movement abilities that urban living has caused you to lose.



21 Day Athletic Body Program


The most enjoyable fat loss solution available in London.  We have designed a realistic and sustainable program that will improve your diet, change your mindset and provide you with hard-hitting workouts to drop body fat.

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6 Week Nutrition Plan


Bored of all the diet fads and trends and nonsense marketing?  Most people seem to wrestle with their desires for ‘bad foods’ and suffer as a result.  We’ve created a 6-week step-by-step guide about what to eat to lose weight, increase your energy levels and be more healthy in the long term.  Read our plan for a happier you through food!

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6 Part Guide: Run better, faster and stay injury free


Whether training for a Tough Mudder, 10k or half marathon, running, when done correctly, improves agility and fitness, helps improve body composition and most importantly, is fun!  But if you run, it’s almost a given that you’ve had a running injury.  That’s because you haven’t learned the skill of running.  In this guide we teach you so you can run faster, and stay injury free.

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Kettlebells and Bulgarian Bags: Scary, but scarily effective


Kettlebell training in London hasn’t picked up as much as it has elsewhere.  We Brits can be fearful of change.  But the reason why our members stay for years is because of how far you can go with these bits of kit.  Have a look at how we use them and why they’re so damn amazing.


What our members say about us


Great fun and very motivating! The kit classes are my favourite, perfecting my technique of spinning a Bulgarian bag and lifting Kettlebells. I feel stronger, I’ve lost 3kg in a matter of weeks and I feel great. Can’t wait for class on Tuesday!

Sarah, Sports Massage Therapist

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