The final countdown!

It’s week 6 and we’re approaching the event itself.

Don’t fret if all the training has not gone to plan, that’s life!  Remember, a 10km is a very achievable distance.

For some of you simply completing the race may be your main goal.  That’s great!  For others it will be an opportunity to push yourselves to beat a specific time. No matter what your goal is for the event it will be a challenge and like all good challenges it will be hugely rewarding. Some of you may feel a little nervous, particularly if it is your first event!  But you will grow from this experience and be able to apply it to your next event.

10k races are great as they provide a runner with experience and a chance to really push themselves or to try a different tactic.  They give a new runner a chance to complete an event that will give them confidence going forward. For the past six weeks I have been giving you pointers on how to move efficiently while taking advantage of the natural elasticity in your legs to propel you forward. That’s what running barefoot style is all about and now its time to put that training into practice!

Training this week is all about maintenance and keeping you in good working order for the event.


Today would be a good day to get out there and have a long slow run if you didn’t do so yesterday. Just get out there and run for time… anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hr if you can.

Just relax into it. I always found the first 10 to 15 minutes of any run the hardest but your body will naturally warm up and remember : posture, rhythm, relax.

As always stretch afterwards and if you have a roller, use it.

Tuesday: Easy training session

Urban athletes training session or a gym session and take time to stretch properly.  Don’t kill yourself in the session, just use a technique focus and get yourself moving.

Wednesday: Interval run

Take out a watch and run at a high tempo (8 out 10 effort) for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes at a easier pace (5 to 6 out of 10).  During the easier 5 minutes it’s important not to stop. Keep moving and you will start to feel good again before the next interval.

You’re training your body to recover whilst still moving.  This is an essential part of running and once you know you can do this it gives you confidence to keep moving. It is also a great way to get your cruising pace up.

Thursday: easy training session

Urban Athletes session or a light gym session including bodyweight squats, light single leg deadlifts and some core exercises. This is also an opportunity to go out for a nice light run with a good stretch down afterwards.

Below you can see Rich performing a pigeon pose which is a great way to stretch through your glutes which take on alot of the work when running (correctly!).  This stretch combined with hamstring, quad, calf and back stretches along with rolling will be of a great benefit this week.

Friday: Very light recovery run

Only if you didn’t train yesterday!  Just at an easy pace to keep your body ticking over. Spend plenty of time stretching and rolling afterwards.

Saturday: Rest!

Rest day. Make sure you hydrate on Saturday night.

In a minute I’ll go over some tips for RACE DAY!  But first I wanted to show you a fantastic summary of the main points we go through again and again in our barefoot running classes.  It’s a 10 minute vid, but it is fascinating.  Especially the part where the trainee spontaneously switches to barefoot style when his thick-soled Nike’s are taken away from him!

Sunday: Race day!

Tips for the day:

Get organised the night before and make sure you know how to get to the event in good time.

Eat before hand, get up and eat a good nutritious breakfast on the morning of the event.
I like a whole grain bagel with peanut butter and a banana. Don’t eat too close to the event and just sip on water on your way there.

Pre race drills: Tempo hops, hunter gatherer squats, mobilise your legs, and go for a little run to warm up

During the race: Use the km markers as a motivator. For me I count down from 5km to go so instead of 6km gone its 4km to go and so on. Little tricks like that have a way of keeping things managable and when it comes down to it running is just as much about your mental state as your physical state. Stay positive and remember: posture, rhythm, relax

Keep up the good work and look out for my blog on the most effective way to use a roller for running next week.