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Richard Thompson was one of the founders of Urban Athletes, but has since moved on to other things.
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An Urban Athletes Manifesto

This is an Urban Athletes Manifesto. Read it to yourself when you're feeling a bit de-motivated, when you need to remind yourself what you're doing this for, or just to give yourself that extra little pump-up. When you're an Urban Athlete, you see things differently, because you're in it for the long game. You're not bothered by 60-second abs or get-fit-quick schemes. If you're an Urban Athlete, this is what you believe.

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The Bushy Park 10k Run!

So we did the 10k! A few of our die-hard members made it down to the Bushy Park race on November 16th and ran the race with us, all finishing admirably in under an hour!

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Barefoot run club weeks 2 & 3

Weeks 2 & 3 will see you ramping up your running volume and starting a stretching routine! Richard shows you a few of his favourite stretches and we help you start a training diary with Simon providing us an insight into his week's training!

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The way of the Urban Athlete.

Most outdoor training available in London at present involves too much running, burpees, press ups and crunches. Do you assume if you get hot, sweaty and sore from a workout that it's having a positive effect on your body?

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