Most outdoor training available in London at present involves too much running, burpees, press ups and crunches. Mainly centred around aerobic-conditioning (stuff that gets you huffing and puffing).  Question is… “Do you assume if you get hot, sweaty and sore from a workout that it’s having a positive effect on your body?  These aren’t the only criteria you should use to judge the effectiveness of a training program.  We’d suggest asking yourself this simple question…”Is your body looking and performing better than it was last week?  Last month?  Last year? We’d argue that 90% of you won’t fulfil anywhere near your potential with such a program.

So how do we differ?

In our experience the majority of Londoners want an Athletic physique, which means lean, not too muscular, and healthy-looking. So what’s the answer to this sought-after athletic physique?

Develop Athletic Capabilities

For us, a full-blown, all-out sprint should make a regular appearance in a training program.  As should a jump.  A squat.  A twist, a hip hinge.  Regularly follow these basic movements and a strong and defined abdomen tends to follow. 

Metabolic Workouts

Every training session centres around a key workout of the day.  They provide a benchmark so you can track your improvements, and compete against others if you’ve got that athletic spirit!

Back-to-Basics Equipment

The Body

The most fundamental.  You’ll learn to move skillfully and develop mastery of your own body. A huge amount can be achieved using your own bodyweight although endless press ups, burpees and crunches are definitely not the answer.


The best kit available to develop strong, defined posterior chain… the hamstrings, gluteals, and back muscles. Even if you just want to get your heart rate up quickly using a variety of awesome exercises look no further!

Bulgarian Fitness Bag

An amazingly effective innovation in training the core muscles and postural muscles. Using the bag for fantastic dynamic movements mobilises and strengthens the mid-section and upper back, improves posture and muscular definition throughout the entire body.

Stay tuned for next weeks look at the Fitness bag spin and why it’s so effective!