Just last week I was with a regular client whom when I started training over a year ago desired the usual list of body changes… to tone up, lose fat, flat belly, firm bum etc.

Like Jess most Londoners spend their lives in a seated position, whether it be at work, at home or commuting. Add average nutrition, occasional after work drinks and a lack of self motivation and you’ll start to realise why those desirable body changes may never be realised.

A year on and Jess has a fantastic athletic physique whilst initially changing only one thing… her focus.

By simply adjusting Jess’ focus to training for performance rather than for aesthetics alone, results came thick and fast. Motivation was driven by learning new skills and performing them better each week. Whether it was simply running faster, jumping higher, or throwing further there were constant performance based goals to keep motivation high. Additionally it totally changed her perception of exercise. Instead of seeing it as a chore it became fun, challenging and self-rewarding.

This new outlook spurred Jess on to join a rowing club http://www.sonsrowing.com/ and she now competes at a surprisingly high level in such a short space of time. Our training sessions have become more specific but equally challenging and rewarding.


This got me thinking… “Is there an Athlete is all of us?”… I would argue that based on the above example there most certainly is. Even without the rowing Jess was so pre-occupied by enhancing her athletic ability this simple switch of focus gave her that long list of desirable body changes without her even noticing!

So, do you think there’s an Athlete in you too?