Two Training Methods



Athletic training by and large consists of bodyweight exercises – be it sprinting, jumping, running, or more conditioning and gymnastic-type movements.  In our classes, you will become agile, flexible, faster & stronger.



The way we use our our innovative training tools challenge the body using a variety of dynamic exercises that are proven to create athletic physiques.


Why Join?

  • You will receive high level personal coaching which helps you maximise the benefits of using our kit – learning in-depth technical pointers and really understanding how to use it.
  • We provide an extremely high standard of coaching – better than you’ll get doing Personal Training in the gym, usually for £60+ a session.
  • You’ll push yourself harder within a close group like ours. It’s not like a class in the gym full of strangers. It’s a small members club with all the benefits that entails.

Foundation Course

Foundation Course

£50 5 week course
  • 5 week course
Our foundation course is 2 classes per week for 5 weeks.  It will bring you up to speed and get you into great shape.
Once you’ve finished the foundation course you can then either join our monthly membership, or buy a class pack.



Monthly Unlimited

£50 Monthly

Increased dedication reaps plentiful rewards.

Before you know it you’ll be in the best shape of your life!

Urban Athletes members have unlimited access to all classes.


Class Packs

If your usage of classes will be erratic – 3 sessions one week and none the next – because of a variable work schedule or lifestyle, a pack may be more appropriate for you.

8 Classes

  • Valid for 3 months


If you would like to know more about our membership packages, or to join, please contact us!

You can view our terms and conditions, which includes our refunds and cancellation policies here.