urban athletes (noun, plural)

Londoners who train to perform at higher levels of speed, agility, coordination, stamina and strength.

Those who approach City life with an athletic attitude, to compete and win at whatever challenge they choose.


What is Urban Athletes?

Urban Athletes is a system of progression which uses a variety of training in group classes to improve the body and mind.

An Urban Athlete can run, jump, throw light or heavy objects around, move effortlessly and generally deal with anything that life throws at them.

The program can be described as a cross between British Military Fitness and Crossfit.

Urban Athletes is not a bootcamp!






THE CORE: 3 Principles of  Urban Athletes

  1. Peak Performance.  Physical performance drives psychological performance drives results and enjoyment from life.
  2. Minimal Effort, Maximal Result.  Moving correctly, efficiently and with minimal effort creates an efficiency of body and mind which carries over to every part of life.
  3. Shared Wins and Achievements.  Working alongside others, supporting each other, and competing together accelerates development and  creates a more sustainable fitness regime.

secret to athletic success

Why “Bootcamps” Aren’t the Way Forward

We don’t aimlessly run around for an hour doing unplanned aerobic work, piggy back on each other or hold hands and skip.

Neither do we work ourselves into the ground.

A casual observer will see us taking breaks throughout the session to recover from intervals of work.

This improves performance.

As a high-performing person, you are exposed to stress on a daily basis.

Cranking up your overall stress levels will not get you fitter.

So we don’t do it.

We use interval training, weight training, sprinting, agility and stability work, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, bulgarian bags and anything else that works and is an intelligent use of our time.



THE COMPETITION: Event Specific Training

We encourage our Athletes to work towards regular, competitive events.

This creates concrete goals to strive towards and encourages a bit of healthy competition!  It also ensures we earn our social time in the pub afterwards :)


THE MEMBER: Who is Urban Athletes for?

  1. Those new to exercise and want to learn correct technique and progress continually without injury
  2. Those experienced with exercise and involved in a competitive endeavor like running, triathlon, downhill racing, rugby, five-a-side football etc. (we have members involved in all these disciplines)
  3. Those who have exercised before but may have been out of it for some time, getting back into a routine




  1. Truth & Ethics: We tell you the truth and deal with you the way we would want to be dealt with.  We’re not a big, faceless corporation and we won’t act like one.  Our communications are authentic and honest.  No fillers, no crap.
  2. Sustainability: We teach and train you with your long-term health in mind.  If we’re helping you towards a goal, we won’t do it to the detriment of your long-term wellbeing.
  3. IntegrityWe practice what we preach and do what we say we’re going to, when we say we’re going to do it.


Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

I need to be fit before I attend, RIGHT?

Not really.  You need to be healthy enough that a doctor wouldn’t have a problem with you exercising, but beyond that, we don’t require any base level of fitness.

We structure our classes so that a high level Athlete can work next to someone on their first session.

Our instructors will often be heard telling people to slow down and focus on technique because that’s what will get a long-term, sustainable result.

Yes, we want everyone to get fitter, stronger, faster, etc. but not at the expense of moving well.

So whatever your fitness level, come and give it a go!


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